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I am an evolutionary biologist from San Diego, California. I earned my bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at San Diego State University (advised by Dr. Marshal Hedin), and my PhD at The Ohio State University (advised by Dr. Bryan Carstens). I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at Iowa State University working with Dr. Tracy Heath and Dr. John Nason.

I have always loved the outdoors, and was lucky enough to grow up in a place that offered such wonderful opportunities to me. From the ocean to the mountains to the desert, all within a few hours drive, I took advantage of what southern California had to offer, and followed my curiosities and desires as I explored such wonderful habitat and cultivated my interests in nature and biology. I also grew up in sports household, and enjoyed being active and playing various sports, including baseball, football and basketball.

In addition to my research, I make sure to explore my various interests in life. Activities I enjoy in my free time include hiking, camping, photography, reading, and visiting my equine heroes in Kentucky.